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  • Lisa Derrick Fine Arts "The Joy of Sin" (Chinatown). Curator Lisa Derrick


  • LACGC. "Art With a Heart" (Los Angeles)
  • San Juan Capistrano Library Day of the Dead Celebration of Life. Curator Skye Amber Sweet
  • The Hive Gallery. "Film vs Digital" (Los Angeles). Curator Michael Rababy
  • ShockBoxx. "Enough" (Hermosa Beach). Curator Mike Collins


  • Neutra Institute. "Guns, Guns, Guns" (Silverlake). Curator Dulce Stein
  • Neutra Institute. "La Catrina Bazaar" (Silverlake). Curator Dulce Stein
  • Axis Gallery "Art is a Flag Waiving Over a Smoking Battlefield" (Sacramento). Curator Mat Gleason
  • Art Share LA. "Exteriors" (Los Angeles). Curator Art Share
  • Beyond the Lines. "Abstract" (Bergamot Station). Curator Brittany Davis
  • The Hive Gallery. "Nude vs Naked" (Los Angeles). Curator Nathan Cartwright


  • Groundspace Project. Holiday Art Show (Los Angeles). Curator Susan Joseph
  • The Spring Arts Collective Gallery. "The Art of Dia de los Muertos". (Los Angeles). Curator Dale Youngman
  • Cycle of Lives Cancer Benefit (Los Angeles). Curator Dale Youngman & Lilli Mueller
  • The Hive Gallery Emerging LA
  • Photo Independent Art Fair (Raleigh Studios, Hollywood)
  • A Tiny Gloomy World. Oddville Gallery (Los Angeles)
  • The Hive Gallery 11th Anniversary (Los Angeles). Curator Nathan Cartwright
  • VisionLA 2.0 EarthWE Gallery (Bergamot Station). Curator Dale Youngman


  • VisionLA '15 Main Gallery (Bergamot Station). Corator Dale Youngman & Lilli Mueller
  • Photo Independent Art Fair (Raleigh Studios, Hollywood)


  • Art San Diego
  • Spectrum Miami (Art Week Miami)
  • Spectrum New York
  • Art Expo New York


  • Spectrum Miami (Art Week Miami)
  • Saratoga Springs NY Pop-up Show
  • Spectrum New York
  • Greenwich Village NY Pop-up Show
  • Art Expo New York



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